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About Our Club

The Wexford Kung Fu Club was founded in 1977 under the direction of Master J. Yau when the Irish Kung Fu Association was created.  


The purpose of the club is to teach martial arts in a progressive manner, which will teach self-discipline and self-confidence and lead to increased physical fitness and good health.


Since its formation the club has attracted members from all walks of life. Everybody from executives to homemakers, from farmers to Gardaí have been put through their paces at the training sessions over the years.


The club caters for all age groups with special children’s classes for age 5 years and up. We also offer classes in Kickboxing, Self Defence as well as Traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Please enquire for times.


The club is involved in organising and competing in tournaments. Due to the success of its members including several international fighters it has earned the reputation as one of the country’s top martial arts clubs.

The chief instructor is Bobby O’Neill. Bobby who started training in the first class in 1977 was awarded the position of Chief Instructor of the association by Master Yau in 1989.  He competed internationally as part of the Irish Kickboxing squad for over 10 years capturing two World Titles, WAKO and IAKSA  as well as numerous international medals and 10 Irish national titles, making him the most successful Irish international competitor of that decade. Bobby was made a Guardian of Lau Gar Kung Fu several years ago. The title of Guardian is awarded to Lau Gar practitioners who have proven excellence and dedication over many years and who swear to promote, nurture and develop the Lau Gar style. 


The clubs members achievements over the years have been numerous and diverse, not only have we produced world champions and skilled practitioners of Martial Arts but we hope we have instilled self confidence, self discipline and self belief in many and contributed to the community in a positive manner. 

Notes on Kung Fu 

Kung Fu is the oldest Martial Arts system dating back to 2,700 B.C.  It is a highly effective method of self-defence, incorporating breathing techniques, body conditioning, ancient exercise and various methods of fighting including kicking, hand grappling and weapon training.


The purpose of Kung Fu is to create a disciplined individual who only uses his knowledge when his life or the life of his friend is threatened.  Students who continue to practice the art can become very fit and agile and at the same time be able to defend themselves with techniques that are second to none.


The course is of particular interest to ladies in so far as we accentuate speed and agility rather than muscle power.  Kung Fu can be practised by the very young and old alike.


The style of Kung Fu we practice is Lau Gar Kuen one of the 5 original Shaolin systems. Our Master Jeremy Yau learned the style from his Grandfather in Hong Kong. Master Yau visits Ireland on a regular basis for training seminars which are for all our members to attend and share in his vast knowledge.   

Notes on Kickboxing

A modern Martial Art developed from combining oriental Kicking with western style boxing techniques.  Emphasis is placed on teaching practical adaptable techniques suitable for self-defence as well as for competitions.


There is considerable emphasis placed on physical fitness using rigorous exercise to gain ultimate stamina, flexibility and strength.


Kickboxing is increasingly being used as a method of fitness training and weight control.  Circuit training, pad work and exercise used in our classes are suitable for use as a self-defence system or purely as a means to keeping fit.  The students have a choice whether to participate in the sparring classes and go forward to compete in regular competitions at local and national level.