Kickboxing or Cardio Kickboxing could be for you !

This class will teach the basics of Kickboxing including striking and defensive technique, pad work, bag
work and non contact shadow sparring.  Sparring is optional after basic training is completed and is
always well controlled.

Great for fitness, self defence, self confidence, body toning, coordination and managing stress. At the
Wexford Kung Fu and Kickboxing centre we have classes for all ages and physical abilities. 

Classes are taught in a friendly environment by former World Champion and Guardian of Lau Gar Kuen Bobby
O’Neill and his team of instructors.

With 40 years of experience we know what works but we also know
that everyone is different and we pride ourselves in offering personal attention to all our members
whether you are coming for a bit of fitness or self defence training or whether you have ambitions to
compete as part of our World famous sports Kickboxing team.

Our highly qualified instructors are registered and affiliated to Kickboxing Ireland and the Irish Martial
Arts commission (the government recognised body for Martial Arts)
and we have produced numerous international champions over the years..