Our Self defence classes will teach simple to learn but highly effective techniques that can be used
regardless of strength or physical ability.

The proven benefits of training in a proper self defence class include developing self confidence and
self awareness, overcoming fear of bullying or socially demanding situations, developing self discipline
and increasing co-ordination, reflexes and learning abilities as well as learning to manage stress.
Unfortunately assault and intimidation are a regular occurrence in today’s society, but you can learn
the skills to handle these situations.

Our class is taught in a friendly and inclusive environment by Bobby O’Neill former World Kickboxing
champion, Guardian of Lau Gar Kung Fu and Chief Instructor of the Irish Kung Fu association. Our
club is registered with the Irish Martial Arts commission and all our instructors are fully qualified. With
40 years of experience in Martial Arts we know what works but we also know everyone is different and
we adapt our training to suit your needs and abilities.